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The Rey Juan Carlos University, aware of the importance of language training in today's world, incorporates in its degree courses, the course of 6 credits called 'Modern Language', offering students the opportunity to advance and show their knowledge of English, French, German or Italian. The main objective of the subject of Basic Training 'Modern Language' is to provide students of new degrees with the necessary preparation to pass official examinations: TOEIC for English, TFI for French, Italian and CILS for Zertifikat Deutsch for German.

Basic Issues

  • You can choose from English, French, German or Italian.
  • It is a subject of mandatory character of 6 credits, with duration of one four month term.
  • You can enroll as from the second course, while you are registering the remaining subjects. The payment of tuition covers the enrollment fee of one official examination.
  • Once enrolled, you must register at the Language Centre to study the subject. If you have enrolled but not registered during the four month term in course, the enrollment will remain valid for further terms with no need to enroll again. If you already have an equivalent degree from no more than three years, you can request the validation.

TOEIC English Program         French Program         TFI CILS Italian        German ZD Program  

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