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Master degrees

At Rey Juan Carlos University you can obtain official master degrees in all areas of knowledge: arts and humanities, social and legal sciences, engineering and architecture, health sciences and experimental sciences. From 60 to 120 credits, one or two academic years, our master degrees provide specialized professional training, a way of introduction to research, and pave the way to access doctoral degrees.

Academic Offer-Brochure

Know us through our website, and if you need more information please contact the International Office:

Access to Masters

To have access to official Master's degrees students must:
• Have a degree in higher education.
• prove to be accredited with a level of education equivalent to the corresponding Spanish degrees.
• prove to be accredited with a title that gives access to postgraduate studies in the country in which the title was issued, according to the Royal Decree 56/2005 of 21 January.
• Homologation is not required.
Steps to follow:
1. Fill out the pre-registration form available on our website.
2. Submit the following documentation in digital and paper form at any of the registries of the University:
 • Certified copy of the Degree obtained or certification of its issue.
 • Certified copy of the academic certification of the studies undertaken to obtain the degree specifying, the official duration in academic years, the syllabus followed, the subjects taken with your marks and total number of hours of each of them.
• Certification issued by the competent authority, stating that your qualifications give access to official postgraduate studies.
• Photocopy of your passport or identity card.
• Certificate of a B2 Level, or equivalent, of the Spanish Language.
See also the general section Enrollment and Admission. If you need more information or if you have any doubts please contact us at: or visit us at our international Office.