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Scholarships and grants

The Universidad Rey Juan Carlos administers leading annual scholarships and grants both internal as from other official bodies: Ministries, the Community of Madrid, international organizations and other official bodies. It also publishes and disseminates information on those scholarships and grants which are of interest to the students and graduates. During the year, students receive information about them through the different established communication channels.

Hereunder we list the leading scholarships and grants which are usually awarded annually.

Ayudas al estudio

Destinadas a estudiantes para sufragar gastos vinculados a sus estudios.

Ministerio de Educación, Cultural y Deporte

Becas de carácter general del MECD. Curso 2014-2015 

Comunidad de Madrid

Becas de Excelencia. Curso 2014-2015 


Ayudas para cursar másteres oficiales del Consejo Social 2014-2015

Otras Becas Externas

Becas Santander

La Caixa. Doctorandos 

Formación. Becas de colaboración

Ministerio de Educación, Cultural y Deporte

Becas de colaboración del MECD. Curso 2014-2015

Formación Profesorado FPU

Formación investigadores FPI


Becas Colaboración URJC (Intranet)


The aim of these scholarships is to promote national and international mobility of students.

Erasmus scholarships

Munde scholarships

Argo Global scholarschips

Vulcanus scholarships (Japan)

Latin America 2015 scholarships

'Nils Science and Sustainability' course 2014/2015 scholarships

Becas Fórmula Santander

Awards and distinctions

URJC’s merit awards and distinctions

Social Council Awards