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PhD programs

Select an area of knowledge to view the PhD degrees available:

PhD in Sciences

Program Coordinator: Prof. F. Javier Lillo Ramos

E-mail: escueladoctorado.ciencias@urjc.es

PhD in Natural Resources Preservation

Program Coordinator: Prof. Marcos Méndez Iglesias.

E-mail: marcos.mendez@urjc.es

PhD in Hydrology and Water Resources Management (Interuniversity)

URJC representative at the Academic Committee: Prof. Francisco Javier Ramos Lillo.

Email: javier.lillo@urjc.es

PhD in Health Sciences

Program Coordinator: Prof. Rodrigo Jiménez García

E-mail: escueladoctorado.ccsalud@urjc.es

PhD in Information Technology and Communications

Program Coordinator: Prof. José Luis Rojo Alvarez. E-mail:joseluis.rojo@urjc.es

PhD in Industrial Technology: Chemical, Environmental, Energetic, Electronic, Mechanical and Materials

Program Coordinator: Prof.ª M.ª José López Muñoz. E-mail: escueladoctorado.tecnologias@urjc.es

PhD in Media and Communication (Interuniversity)

URJC representative at the Academic Committee: Prof. Inmaculada Jimenez Mora. E-mail: escueladoctorado.multimedia@urjc.es



Program Coordinator: Prof. Antonio Sánchez- Escalonilla García- Rico

E-mail: escueladoctorado.huleycul@urjc.es